Do you want to put MPEG Video into MPEG Audio playlists? You cant make anything wrong with Firefox.

Streaming between machines. The helper application of the browser is waiting for commands. A textfile with a series of URLs is welcome. The server adds a Content-Type that tells the browser what to do.

Opening shark.m4u

-- begin of http://max.local/shark.m4u --
-- end of http://max.local/shark.m4u --

with lynx and mplayer and some text:

-- begin of ~/.mailcap --
# Copyright (c) 1991 Bell Communications Research, Inc. (Bellcore)
video/vnd.mpegurl; mplayer -playlist %s
/dev/null 2>&1 &
-- end of ~/.mailcap --

with Firefox and VideoLan Client and some action:

What should Firefox do with this file?

Do this automatically for files like this from now on.

See also Help, Troubleshooting Information.

when servers or browsers dont unterstand Content-Types:

Download shark.m4u to your desktop.

Double-click, Choose Application, Enable: All Applications.

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